Crossley Engine Project

The Club is looking to restore the Crossley Engine which provided the first electricity to Beechworth in the 1930’s.

Original Crossley Register Sheet. Our engine No.120521

Crossley register


Crossley Engine & Generator being moved to railway shed

Move to new slab Wallace Park Albert Road BeechworthNew Home

In place on new slab.



MAY 2015 Progress

IMG_0609This is what we have been able to achieve to date:

Click here to view the the engine now running


2 thoughts on “Crossley Engine Project”

  1. Hi
    I have experience with alternators and alternator control on generators of similar vintage to yours. I would be happy to assist you in getting your “beast” generating if you are short of expertise in this area. Currently re-commissioning Straight eight Blackstone 360HP/300Kva, ex Sale Air Force base at Ballan, Vic.
    kind regards
    Philip Knight

  2. Hello, I was recently in Beechworth and saw the Crossley engine in the shed, after being made aware of it by your Beechworth Information Centre.
    I am Treasurer of a radio club in Melbourne and would like to write a small article to make our members aware of the engine when visiting the area. Could you please let me know if/when it is open to the public (or if you have plans for this) and is it planned to ever have the machine operational again. Thankyou Robert Bowtell

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