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Secretary/Treasurer: Peter Deith

Phone:  H 03 5728 2853  M 0437 190 890


President: Dwayne Bailey

Phone:     Mob. 0400 581 906

Vice president: Ron McAnanly

Phone:    Mob: 0427 282 285

2 thoughts on “Contact Us”

  1. Hi there I’m Claire Mitchell and my business partner Nick Henry and I manage the luxury cottage accommodation ‘ArtScape’ in Malakoff rd. We’re both car enthusiasts (sports car/vintage bike) and would welcome any guests from your club. Our rate at present is $150/ night, but increasing to $160 next Easter ( our 12th month since opening). However we would keep our rate at $150 for the May 2019 ‘Drive back in time’ weekend. We also offer a 10% discount for a three or more nights stay. At present that weekend is available for booking if you could let members know, or if we were able to advertise our cottage on your website. Members may like to read our five star reviews on ‘Airbnb artscape’ but they can contact us directly through our website Thank you Cheers, Claire.

  2. Geoff Woodyard .

    Hi to the Old Cranks club Geoff and Wendy here from Yea Victoria, I just wanted to say hello to you guys and let you know how sad we are that our yearly trek to Beechworth is not going to happen this year .We have been making the run to the Dive Back in Time since 1996 with my 2 cars and two families now when I make our booking at the Armour Motel we need to book 6 to 8 rooms and space for the same number of cars.
    We all look so forward to the weekend and are all sad it’s not happening, we will just have to keep the polish up to car’s ready for next year.
    Regards Geoff and Wendy and all the best to every one in town.

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