Club Permit Information

The club is accredited with VicRoads so as to facilitate the club plate scheme and we currently have above 60 club plate members in our club.

To have vehicle VicRoads club plate scheme registration, you first need to be a member of the club. The next step you need is to get a current Victorian road worthy certificate, then make an appointment with the Club plate scheme officer to have the VicRoads registration forms completed and signed off by the club plate scheme officer. After forms are completed you can present them to any VicRoads office and after paying the registration fee, you will be presented with your registration club number plates and Log book                                                                                                               

The Log book must be filled in every time you drive the car out of your driveway or you are deemed as being unregistered and uninsured.

  1. New and Renewal Registration Process
  2. Club Permit Application
  3. Club Permit Endorsement Form
  4. CPS Vehicle Declaration
  5. Vehicle Eligibility Declaration Form
  6. Statement of Expectation