The Club is looking to restore the Crossley Engine which provided the first electricity to Beechworth in the 1930’s.

Original Crossley Register Sheet. Our engine No.120521

Crossley register


Crossley Engine & Generator being moved to railway shed

Move to new slab Wallace Park Albert Road BeechworthNew Home

In place on new slab.



MAY 2015 Progress

IMG_0609This is what we have been able to achieve to date:

Click here to view the the engine now running



  1. Hi
    I have experience with alternators and alternator control on generators of similar vintage to yours. I would be happy to assist you in getting your “beast” generating if you are short of expertise in this area. Currently re-commissioning Straight eight Blackstone 360HP/300Kva, ex Sale Air Force base at Ballan, Vic.
    kind regards
    Philip Knight

  2. Hello, I was recently in Beechworth and saw the Crossley engine in the shed, after being made aware of it by your Beechworth Information Centre.
    I am Treasurer of a radio club in Melbourne and would like to write a small article to make our members aware of the engine when visiting the area. Could you please let me know if/when it is open to the public (or if you have plans for this) and is it planned to ever have the machine operational again. Thankyou Robert Bowtell

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